Trade Agreement Act Compliant Countries

GSA calendar contracts are governed by the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), i.e. all products listed in the GSA calendar contract must be manufactured or “essentially processed” in the United States or in a country designated by the AAA. Designated countries are grouped together: if, as a production company, you assemble a unit in the United States and use only a small fraction for the product from a non-TAA-compliant country (a locking mechanism) and if the rest of the material produced comes from TAA-compliant countries, would the entire final product still be considered a TAA compliant? If you put materials from outside the U.S., it will help your company stay in quarantine if you know what complies with the TAA. In addition to being aware of what is compliant, you should do a few things to make sure you don`t have any problems: Jerry, we don`t know any exceptions specifically for Cisco. You can reach them directly. Here are some links that can help: The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) was created to promote fair international trade with certain designated countries. Companies that work with foreign products or services need to know which companies are limited to comply with taA and GSA. The U.S. government was required to purchase only U.S.-made products and services or finished products from TAA companies.

Since the estimated value of an GSA calendar is over US$191,000, all sales of GSA products in accordance with FAR 52.225-5 must comply with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA). To comply with the TAA, CBP considers that 50% of manufacturing or manufacturing costs, or where the product is “essentially processed,” comes from a country or country designated by the TAA. Sometimes a product requires assembly in several countries or has components from different countries; TAA compliance becomes more cranky and it is necessary to determine where the product is substantially processed. When a product is manufactured in different countries, the final product must be “essentially redeveloped” in a given country. A substantial transformation would be the transformation of an item into a new article and another trade item with a name, character or other use than the original article. (see FAR 25.001 (c)) Is Puerto considered a United States? Is it TAA compliant? I don`t see it as a taA complaint country. First, you need to have a system that regularly verifies that the products offered in accordance with your GSA calendar are in compliance with the TAA. If you are not a manufacturer, we also advise you to check the countries of origin every quarter or at least with your suppliers` catalog updates to check if products are still manufactured or “essentially processed” in a taA-designated country. We import medical equipment components from China. After mounting here in the U.S., we sell to doctors as a finished device with a new name. (Microscope) Does this newly mounted device conform to the TAA with a new name? Thank you for referring you to the United Arab Emirates.

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